Future World - Riverina Science Festival

Created to promote Riverina Science Festival as part of National Science Week 2019. This 3D animation explores concepts from virtual reality to interplanetary terraforming the work aims to spark curiosity in these current and upcoming technologies. See more…

Digital Odyssey - Vivid Sydney

Digital Odyssey explores the evolution of communication over the last 50 years and how it has changed the nature of human relationships. The work playfully highlights the correlation between the advancement of communication technology and genuine human connection. See more…

Spring Jam Family Festival

Working with Wagga Wagga City Council, I animated their wonderful designs for the marketing and promotion of Spring Jam family festival 2019 in a variety of videos across Facebook, Instagram, their website. See more…

NPFAA Poster 16-9.png

No Place for an Alien

I produced and animated short film No Place for an Alien commissioned for Refugee Week 2019. The film aims to start a dialogue between refugees and Australian citizens to address some issues such as racism and prejudice.


I worked as the sole animator and illustrator on Monstapals, an iOS and Android game for kids which highlights Australian animals. I was tasked with  creating all the visual elements seen in the game. See more...


Wombits is a 2D point and click puzzle game which challenges ideas about perspective. The puzzles exist in an environment where the rules of perspective don't apply, forcing players to think differently about how to solve the problems. See more...


Connection was commissioned by Wagga Wagga City Council as part of their Nightlights series which was projected onto the civic building in September 2017. The work playfully explores some of nature’s landscapes, from the swelling seas to the endless desert, and some of the life in between. See more...

What is Vetafarm?

This explainer video highlights the company overview and values of a leading innovator in companion animal health and welfare. See more...

Wild Earth Ad

This motion graphic created as an online advertisement to highlight some of the key selling point of a new specialised lorikeet food. See more…

Synbiotic Ad

Part animation and part motion graphic; this epic dramatisation depicts what happens to probiotics and pathogen in the gut. It aims to inform about the benefits of using a probiotics, prebiotic, and digestive enzymes, and promote the launch of a new product. See more…

Rabbit Nutrition

This video which combines footage and motion graphics was created as part of an educational series on animal health. It highlights the complexities of a rabbits digestion and to promote a balanced and healthy diet. See more…

Herbivore Diets

This explainer video uses facts and fun illustrations to encourage feeding a healthy and balanced diet to young rabbits and cavies.. See more…


Riverina Science Week 2018: Robotics

50x8m projection in the Wagga Wagga Civic Centre

The Riverina Science Festival 2018 projection is a celebration of all things robotics. The work highlights some of the events at the festival - hosted by Wagga Wagga City Library - such as the robot runway, 3D printing, and the use of drones. Using characterised robots similar to those present at the event, the work demonstrates some of the practical uses of robots – as well as some features for entertainment.


Your Waste: Got it sorted?

50x8m projection in the Wagga Wagga Civic Centre

This projection celebrates the changes to Wagga Wagga’s new kerbside waste service by demonstrating the differences between the three bins with an emphasis on the new organic waste bin. It will also highlight some of the innovative approaches to waste management such as reducing landfill by turning organic waste into compost to give back to the land.


Wiradjuri Sky Stories

50x8m projection in the Wagga Wagga Civic Centre

Wiradjuri Sky Stories is an animated showcase of local Sky Stories, told by Indigenous Elders from the Wagga Wagga community. With the help of Linda Elliott, digital media producer Yenny Huber consulted with the local Indigenous community to record the knowledge that had been passed on to them over many generations. They told stories about different star constellations, the moon, the sun and the world’s creation. Animation and compositing by Tim Amaro and Alice Peacock.