Monstapals is a game for iOS and Android aimed at kids (and the young at heart) and recommended for ages 4 and up. It features Australian animals in their natural habitat which you can gather with your spaceship in order to create unique and interesting new creatures known as Monstapals.

There are 45 different Monstapals to create with each having its own distinct look and sound so make sure you find them all. Once the Monstapals have been unleashed in their new home you can learn fun facts about each of your creations.

My work on Monstapals

I worked as the sole animator and illustrator creating all the visual elements seen in the game. This includes:

  • Background and concept art

  • Character design and animation

  • Cut scene storyboards, illustration, animation, compositing, editing and sound

  • Promotional material such as trailers, teasers and screenshots


Character Design

There are forty-five custom designed Monstapals which use a blend of the characteristics of their component Australian animals. They range from cute to bizarre with a few Easter egg designs taking inspiration from well known creatures as diverse as dinosaurs and chickens.



Each Monstapal has its own unique walk and actions to suit its character design. It was interesting working with a diverse range of character shapes, legs, and tails to ensure each was given movement true to its form and weight. The animation also played an important aspect in giving each character a unique personality to bring the game more depth and prevent each new creation from feeling stale.


Environment Design

There are three main backgrounds in Monstapals; Australia, the spaceship interior, and the home planet. The objective for the Australian background design was it needed to be one coherent artwork but also be able to incorporate the habitats of a wide variety of Australian animals, including animals which inhabit underwater locations. The 'home' planet needed to be clear that it was not a part of Earth and have enough space for all the Monstapals to roam freely on multiple planeswithout too many obstacles.

Story Introduction (Cut Scene)


Monstapals Stickers

I also designed a set of Monstapals Stickers which are available for free on iMessage. They showcase one of our favourite Monstapals; the croala, a crocodile crossed with a koala.


Want to see more? Give it a play!